Keith and Ryan Delaney have been involved in the game of hockey in numerous levels as both a player and coach. They have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge built on the need to address the individual skill set required to perform at the tiered levels of the game, while maintaining the need to focus on the role of each individual as it pertains to the overall success of the team. During the course of their playing days, Keith and Ryan have always maintained a focus on education where Keith has earned an Arts degree (St. Mary’s University, 2004), Education degree (Acadia University, 2006) as well as a Masters of Education (Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2011). Ryan has completed an IT diploma (McKenzie College, 2003), a Petroleum Engineering Technology diploma (College of the North Atlantic, 2008), a Bachelor of Education degree and a Masters of Education degree (Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2014 & 2020).
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