All Female Summer Camp 2024 (CBS)

Start Date: 2024-08-16
End Date: 2024-08-18
Cost: 410.00
Location: Conception Bay South
Power Skating
This Power Skating portion of the camp will provide players with an opportunity to learn the value of proper skating techniques, and coordinating balance, movement and strength. The highly qualified instructors will challenge players to step outside their comfort level as they become more self aware of their inside and outside edges, as well as the flat surface of the skate blade. The end result of this camp will create a player who is more confident in their skating ability due to improved strength, agility, balance, and speed.

Puck Skills
The Puck Skills part of the camp is designed where players of all ages and skill levels can improve on their individual talents. Ice time will be structured where players move through a series of challenging drills that take a different focus each day of the camp. Puck skills sessions are structured with a specific focus that will change each day of the camp. Players will work in small groups in a specific area of the ice. Player achievement will be based solely on their own effort and work ethic. The drills are tailored with a more individualistic approach to learning, as opposed to a full ice, team approach.

Dryland Training
Players will be exposed to various stations of dryland training that they can continue to do at home. The players will learn proper warmup and stretching techniques. They will learn exercises that will help them improve on their footwork, agility, balance, and core strength that will translate to their on-ice performance.

Team Building Activities/Challenges
Players will be exposed to various activities/challenges. They will work together in groups to communicate and problem solve solutions to overcome the tasks they are faced with. These unique sessions will help develop skills and techniques to address self-confidence, focus, motivation, handling pressure, goal-setting and more. It is also a great way to meet everyone in there group and make new friends.
Friday-Sunday -
Total 6 hours of on ice instruction. 3 Hours of dryland training. 2 Hours of team building group activities/challenges.
Focus Areas
Power Skating, Puck Skills, Dryland Training, Team Building