U13 True Hockey High Performance AAA Prep Camp (CBS)

Start Date: 2024-08-11
End Date: 2024-08-15
Cost: 570.00
Location: Conception Bay South
Full Ice Practice

Players will be exposed to high performance, advanced skill practices that are designed to challenge the player’s unique skill set at all positions.

Instructional Game

Instructional games that that will focus on numerous aspects of the game in all 3 zones of the ice. Players will learn positional play, with and without the puck that will help them defend, attack, and transition between the two throughout the game. Each game will be recorded and uploaded to our webpage for later viewing.

Dryland Training

Players will be exposed to various stations of dryland training that they can continue to do at home. The players will learn proper warmup and stretching techniques. They will learn exercises that will help them improve on their footwork, agility, balance, and core strength that will translate to their on-ice performance.

Mental Performance Training

Players will be exposed to mental performance training that will help them develop skills and techniques to address self-confidence, focus, motivation, handling pressure, goal-setting and more. For athletes, it prepares the mind to help them perform at their best, both mentally and physically.

Video Sessions

The instructional games will be video recorded, and players will participate in video sessions after day 2 and day 4, where they will be provided with important feedback on smart hockey decisions, positional play, and highlight areas of the game that need improvement.

Please remember that the integrity of this program is rooted in participants who have already played AAA or have been competing at the Rep 1 level.
Sunday-Thursday (4 hours per day)
2 hours of on-ice instruction per day (1 hour high performance practice and 1 hour instructional game).
1 Hour of dryland training each day
1 Hour of mental performance training each day.

Day 2 and Day 4 will have a 1 hour video session added to the camp.
Focus Areas
High Performance Practice, Instructional Game, Dryland Training, Mental Performance, Video Session Coaching