2024 Winter 2-Line Hockey (U9)

Start Date: 2024-01-05
End Date: 2024-04-05
Cost: 510.00
Location: Harbour Grace
This program will foster a sense of player awareness as it pertains to positional play in all three zones of the ice. Coaches will utilize each hour as a way to teach hockey in a “real” game setting. Players will have more stoppages than usual where the various game type scenarios are addressed. Players will learn team strategies that will directly influence how they play a specific position, and how this will ultimately contribute to the overall success of the five person unit for defensive, neutral, and offensive game situations.
Two teams that have 10 players on each team. Players will play every 2nd shift.
Focus Areas
Instructional team games. Offensive zone, defensive zone & neutral zone strategies.
Special Instructions
Please bring your proper color team jersey and make sure you have your name on your water bottle.